The Republic of Uzbekistan, nowadays is one of the largest states of Central Asia by announcing in second half of 1991 about the state independence, began complex(difficult) transition to a finding of state and genuine independence and has achieved enormous successes.
In the Constitution of independent Uzbekistan is fixed, that the republic being the full and independent subject of the international attitudes(relations) has the right to participate in international organizations. It is a necessary basis of legal maintenance of genuine independence of republic and integration her(it) in world(global) community.
In articles 3.4 of the Law " About main principles of activity " also is fixed, that " the Republic of Uzbekistan builds with all states the equal in rights and mutually advantageous attitudes(relations) excluding any opportunity of interference in internal businesses, infringement of independence and sovereignty and of the interstate attitudes(relations).
Major problem in of activity of the appropriate structures of a Republic of Uzbekistan is the active sharing(participation) in work of the United Nations Organization, Organization on safety and cooperation in Europe and other international organizations, integration in European, asian and world(global) structures of safety ".
The republic has received for years of independence a recognition of world(global) community, has become the member of authoritative international organizations, independently establishes the diplomatic attitudes(relations) and carries out independent internal and external policy(politics).
As marked .. in the work: " When we speak about integration in world(global) community, first of all we mean our sharing(participation) in activity . "
2-March, 1998 six years were executed from the date of acceptance of Uzbekistan in the members - most significant international organization of our time.
In continuation of the work .. writes: " THE sharing(participation) in work of such authoritative international organization we consider as an opportunity to involve(attract) attention of a world(global) public in sharp problems of a safety, world and consent in -asian region. "
For realization of international cooperation in economic, social and humanitarian areas the Charter provides creation of the wide and ramified mechanism including alongside with bodies a lot of international organizations on special questions, which number includes also specialized establishments .
By becoming the member of the United Nations Organization the republic was accepted in the specialized establishments , such as , CART, UNESCO, , , , etc.
The specialized establishments are largest international organizations on economic, social and humanitarian questions created on the basis of the international agreement, and have communication(connection) with , established(installed) by means of the charters and international agreements.
The specialized establishments unite and direct activity of the sovereign states in special areas and their large and irreplaceable role consists in it.
These establishments except rendering the economic and technical help, provide also with information, which so is necessary in all spheres of cooperation between the states.
Activity of the specialized establishments and questions on creation, legal nature, attitudes(relations) of the specialized establishments with , privileges and immunities of these establishments, and also the activity of the specialized establishments in Uzbekistan represents the certain interest, to which illumination, my work is devoted.

Chapter 1. From a history of creation of the specialized establishments.

1. Creation of the specialized establishments .
For the first time question on various specialized economic, social and other organizations and their sharing(participation) in economic and social international cooperation in system was lifted in a 1944 at a conference in - (USA) for want of discussion of character of the future international organization.
Was decided(solved), that with the purposes of creation of the stable environments and well-being necessary for peace and familiarity between nations, the Organization will be " to promote the sanction of international economic, social and other humanitarian problems and to encourage respect of the human rights and fundamental freedoms ".
In this connection it was provided, that the government agencies which are carrying out international cooperation in special areas, will be delivered in communication(connection) with the future organization by means of the appropriate agreements.
At a conference in San Francisco (USA) In a 1945 the question on the specialized organizations was considered in special committee, as a result of which work the rules(situations) including subsequently in the Charter as an item of an item 57-59 and were produced 63, which contained transfer of characteristic features of those international organizations, which could be named as the specialized establishments (.57), order of an establishment of their communication(connection) with (.63), principle of coordination underlying of mutual relation with these organizations (an item 58), and also initiative role in business of creation of the new specialized establishments (item 59).
Thus, there was a new concept - specialized establishments .

. 2. The specialized establishments of system

Now there are sixteen specialized establishments . Some of these organizations were transformed from existing earlier international administrative unions, other - from the international specialized organizations created or in period or after the second world(global) war on the initiative as , and separate interested states.
According to lines of business the specialized establishments can be on the following groups: organizations of social character (, CART), organization of cultural and humanitarian character (UNESCO, ), economic organizations (), financial organizations (, , , ), organization in the field of an agriculture (, ), organization in the field of the transport and communication(connection) (, them(him,it), , ), organization in the field of meteorology ().
The international union of electric communication () (Uzbekistan has entered in 10.07.92) was created in a 1865 for maintenance and expansion of international cooperation in the field of electric communication with the p