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25609Высшая школа и продвижение в науке

25609Высшая школа и продвижение в науке.
Высшая школа и продвижение в науке The Higher school and the ways to science.

methods for training highly - qualified specialists capable of taking part
in the rapidly developing scientific and technological revilution.
Students are encouraged to participate widely in research while still
at college. the programmeof studies is designed in such a way as to draw
students ever deeper into scientific research.
Research enables the students to improve their knowledge and put to
practical use the things they learn at lectures, seminars and laboratories.
Furthermore, it enables them to realize the practical value of their
knowledge, to master the basic experimental techniques, to learn how to
handle the modern equipment and analyse the results of experiment.
Such students graduate as highly - skilled specialists. And this
actually is one the most important tasks facing college.
There are student research societies at every univesity and
institute. Contests,
competitions ans exhibitions, based on student research have become an
established tradition.Every year a country-wide student contest is held for
the best research project, the winners being awarded special medals and
Students are engaged in research under guidance of professrs,
instructors, engineers and post-graduates.As a rule, students write their
term papers and graduation theses on problems of their research work. They
operate experimental and industrial installations, conduct theoretical
investigations, read scientific literature on their speciality.
Many term papers and graduation theses include elements of research
done at some higher school department on contract with industrial
enterprises. Term papers, research work, graduation theses of practical
importance to industry - such are the stages of turning students into
highly-skilled thinking
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